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49ers Are Going To The Super Bowl

49ers the boys


49ers Are Going To The Super Bowl

49ers – 28  Falcons – 24

I would like to congratulate the 49ers for the win against Atlanta and another great season. Win or lose in the Super Bowl (it will be a WIN) it was one hell of a ride and a great season for us 49er Faithfuls who have been waiting for this day to come.

I thought the plan all along when Vernon Davis suddenly got quiet was a plan and the mad genius of Jim Harbaugh. Vernon was on fire and then he got quiet while Crabtree took over the team. Harbaugh said early before the season he had some secret plays/plans to watch out for. I happen to believe Vernon was one of them. Throw teams off of Vernon and unleash him in the big games when it counts. I could be wrong but you never know.

What can one say about Frank Gore. When people think of the 49ers they may think of Patrick Willis and now Kaepernick as the face of the franchise but I think of Gore. Frank has been with us since 2005 and he has been a consistent work horse. The guy goes out every game and puts in 110% and he never gives up. Hurt or not he wants the ball and he wants the run plays called. Even during a bad game Gore still ends up with 60 yards and a TD.

If you noticed in the Atlanta game the 49ers were getting beat and the motivation was low. Frank went up to coach Harbaugh and was telling him “feed me the ball coach I will make it happen“. That is exactly what happened. Gore started getting more carries and found some holes. This was a real game changer and I think it set the pace and motivation into action. Gore is still the most underrated player in the NFL and I think people will know his name after the Super Bowl.

Colin Kaepernick (“Keepernick” as I call him) was his usual calm ,cool self during the game. The play calling and team was a little rusty in the first half but Colin never showed signs of giving up. His throws were accurate most of the game and he made throws that count. People like to think of him as a ‘run only’ QB but he is just as good with his arm as he is with his legs. If there were any doubters left I think they now see what we see in him.

Ahmad Brooks deserves a ton of credit in the game. Not only did he have the knock-down pass in the last minutes of the game that may have been a TD but he also roughed up Matt Ryan after pounding him into the ground. Ryan was not the same after getting a separated shoulder from that hit. He was definitely and other game changer and hats off to him.

Michael Crabtree as usual was a play maker. Yes he had a fumble on the goal line but he saw the end zone and he fought his way to get the TD. He nearly had the 6 points. You can’t put any hate on the guy for trying to make a big play and getting YAC. Other than the fumble he had some great catches which only Crabtree’s hands can make. He has really been on fire the second half of the season with Kaepernick and in the playoff games he was a huge asset.

LaMichael James is making some big plays for us. LaMichael has been making key blocks, runs and he also scored his first NFL TD against the Falcons. Look for much more from LaMichael in the Super Bowl and the future seasons, the guy fast and can find holes. When he gets the ball my heart starts pumping because you never know what he is going to do, he is that exciting.

I am happy and I am sure all you Niner fans are too. What a game, what a season and we get a Super Bowl. Thank you 49ers for everything this season.


#Quest For Six



My 49er Cents

Mario Manningham had successful knee surgery recently and let’s hope he has a speedy recovery and will be 100% next season. Mario was one of the play makers early on in the season and I think he was a great addition although we didn’t see him much with his injuries. Next year I can see him having a 900 – 1000 yard season if he stays healthy.

I want to give 49er player of the year to Crabtree but Kaepernick and Gore were also a huge part of the offense. All the players played great but these guys kept the drives alive and set the pace of the games. So I give it a 3-way tie.

If Randy Moss retires after we win the Super Bowl I hope the 49ers go after WRs Keenan Allen (Cal) or Tavon Austin (WVU) in the 2013 Draft. Both of these guys are fast and play makers. Robert Woods (USC) and Stedman Bailey (WVU) are also two others guys on my top list. I know we don’t need another WR as a top draft need but I hate to pass on this talent.

After talking to some fans in an NFL group and around Facebook people like to call others “Kaepernick bandwagoners”. I was called one for supporting Colin. If you go back and read my older posts in preseason and last year I said Colin Kaepernick would be the future and lead the Niners to a winning season. I said he had the better arm and was more exciting to watch.

I have supported Kaep since the day he was drafted and believed in him even when fans wanted him back on the bench after having one bad game. I have heard enough about the Alex Smith/ Kaepernick debate. As I have said before I don’t think Alex would have gotten us this far this season.








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